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As educators we have to remember that effective use of intellectual property is a must and there are several tools that can guide us. But first, we have to make it a point to check our workflows and pipelines that deal with copyright and avoid falling short of what is required from us legally and ethically. We have to remember that it is in the best interest and of our students to keep them informed of the sources and provide enough reference to them so that the source is key. We must also give them the ability to experience new frontiers in terms of information and data. We cannot let a technicality like copyright be a factor that is taken for granted because we would not only be doing a disservice but we can be held accountable. I would like to share some public domain lists so that you can incorporate into your lessons more content that is royalty free and you can modify and use freely. Stock Up & PhotoPin

I also found this great compilation called Zipplist, which I am really excited to share with you!

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