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Digital Citizenship


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This week made me think about our binge of online life and our digital footprint and how we are going to have an impact guiding young learners and I have considered what are going to be the scenarios that we are going to have to deal with as technology moves forward. We have to be mindful of keeping up with the times. I see a lot of people in our industry on facebook and twitter but I don’t see adults speaking about Instagram or Snapchat and this is concerning because we have to involved in the social networks that our students are using so that we know what we are talking about and like Dr. Ybarra mentions to keep our students safe online. Before this course I was actually very amused by the saying the internet doesn’t forget and the specifics of digital citizenship encompass the elements that make conclude that this idea is latent even more today and even more important for your learners because as the technology evolves and it becomes easier to create and publicize content if we lead tech ed initiative we are going to have to be mindful about protecting students online as we create internet safety policy, filter and create the workflows and pipelines that can protect our students; even from other students which is not another problem.

I also reflect on the exchange of responsibilities that come with the federal monies that award technology and about the conditions that are tagged on. These requirements create a system of accountability and allow the educational systems to comply and integrate.

This also makes me think about the initiative that I had and that I hope to realize about a 1:1 rollout for the populations my team and we serve. It’s motivating to think that there are funds out there to be able to do projects and to help the students and to help build infrastructure not only in terms of technology but also in terms of building capacity for the staff because I do consider people to be a type of technology. If you think about the different areas that you can develop in terms of technology for the students and staff then one could say that these are the areas that are more promising because their future looks bright. We know that funds are a vital resource in advancement and more often we see the frustration in all stakeholders because of the lack of funds to be able to grow. The rate at which technology in education is growing is impressive and promising. I only wonder about the next frontier! How are we going to improve the entire field and technology is going to be a door most new generations will have to be the fluent technologist and be able to develop content that uses the different workflows and to be able to do that you are going to have to lead the decisions to make things happen. Our students are depending on this and they are confident we can execute.

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