Digital Citizenship Final Reflection


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I think that what I learned most about digital citizenship is that it is a topic that covers a lot of ground and that it is a very delicate and important –essential– educational technology aspect. I think the biggest accomplishment in the course was to come to the realization that this is a latent issue and that as a future leader of opinion in educational technology it is important to consider each element it includes. The nine elements of digital citizenship play a vital role in the way the systems work and we have to keep them in mind for every decision that we make. With these considerations, we will make better decisions for the greater good of our students. Along the way this course had some personal challenges because I did have some personal matters that came up and did set me back like getting my screen cracked because I accidentally dropped my mac, all while out on vacation. I would have to connect my laptop to hotel tv’s to get my assignments finished so it was frustrating to say the least. I think being punctual on my work in this course has been the hardest ever! But I am glad that I completed the work and that I understood the concepts that were covered.

As far as the best work I completed in this course was the discussions I had with the students and my responses to case studies. I think that these opportunities present a unique opportunity for students like me because you have to be able to follow your instincts and defend your point and I can appreciate the added value that has. These opportunities taught me that you have to be considerate of the entire situation and look at the scenario with careful attention. This in turn has a immediate connection to my experiences because of the role I have. I have the opportunity to take this knowledge and help other teachers that maybe facing these types of issues. The most meaningful thing I learned was that I have a very good compass when speaking about digital citizenship and I am proud to say that some of the things that were covered were a good review because of the past experience I have had. What I have learned in this course that will help me continue to grow as an educational leader is that this area of digital citizenship is a dynamic and evolving frontier and so we must keep abreast of new methods to improve digital citizenship.

One of my favorite aspect of this course was the devotion that the professor showed on the topic. She made me realize the importance and transmitted the seriousness of the issue. The suggestions I would you give other students on ways to get the most out this course would be to take advantage of all the resources that the professor makes available to you and draw strong conclusions from this because they will act as your foundation when real situations arise. The only thing I would change from this course the time restriction the assignments have. I think that if a course is five weeks then there should be some more time allowed to complete the assignments but no more than the course. This would change the way we look at the content and more for the value than for the deadline. I would actually encourage my friends like I have to take this course.

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