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Looking at other’s work is truly beneficial because you get a chance to get inspired and motivated to go public which has been tedious for me.

Kelly Trupe offers a great introduction to herself and she has extensive content and valuable resources. I like in particular how she has made a variety of sections on her portfolio.

Judy Cornelius has a very well design and content-rich result too. I really like her sections of projects. I think she has also been very creative finding content by embedding her twitter feeds and the widget for good reads.

Chad Fexon shows his Google educator certificates which I would not have thought of showing! I also liked the edshelf widget and the overall organization.

I enjoyed the disruptive innovation content that Rhoda Hahn gives and her infographic. One thing I noticed was that she noted that feedback was welcomed which I also found can be a good strategy to engage your readers.

I think Curtis White’s Portfolio is not as organized as the others. I think that the other sites offered more structure.

Brandi McClary’s site is being redirected to another address but it is not rendering. Which makes a point to be careful about the technical aspects of the site.

Another site I visited was Tony Bates’ site. I think this site looks very professional. He offers an RSS feed which had add value for me. I think the professor has two strong points: his resources and enough personal branding listing his publication and everything about him.

I have learned that this portfolio has to be unique. Each of these authors gave their eportfolio a very peculiar touch and all had valuable assets. I have a better idea of where this is going and why it needs to be a very personal and detailed content.


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