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Who owns the eportfolio


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I think ownership is subjective to the eye of the beholder. ePortfolios that show ownership, voice and agency may not fully project an idea. For example, a person may explain but it may not be enough to fully understand to concept because it may be abstract or maybe not even on point. Maybe it’s delicate and it affects “how it engages a broader audience “. But, if the author feels like the content is sufficient, then it’s subjective. If you happen to own the content you have to be able to project your results of the mastery or failure in the platform and you can meet the requirements and it can viewed as something you really don’t own because you didn’t meet their expectation. I think ownership is not a defined by the fee you pay or the site you develop but by the content you produce. What you create is indicative of your ownership because content is still king.

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